Garage Door Springs

Replacement process for broken garage door springs
Broken garage door springs are no doubt a troublesome situation. Once the garage door springs break, they cannot be reused, which make their replacement a compulsory task. As you will be unable to access your garage until the springs are replaced, you must know that how to replace them. Though it is not recommended to execute the replacement process on your own, but with proper care and attention you can effectively complete the process. You just need to know the process and follow all the instructions correctly. Here, we are going to describe the replacement process of torsion springs.
Safety is the first thing that you need to ensure before starting. For that you should read all the instructions properly and should keep safety equipment with you.
Make sure that you have all the required tools with you and place them at the distance of an arm so that you can easily pick them when required.
Don’t wear loose clothes and stay away from the springs while carrying out the procedure.
Before starting the process measure old and new springs to make sure that you have right springs with you.
Now is the time to unwind the old door springs. First insert a fitting bar into the winding cone. Make sure that the bar is properly fitted to the cones, otherwise it can result into an accident. Then loosen the set screw with the help of an open-end or a small adjustable wrench.
Keep the winging bar in the hole until the springs are completely unwind.
Now remove the set screws from the cable drums and then remove the cables from the drum. After that detach the drum from bearing plate.
Repeat the same procedure for the other cable drum.
Slide on the new garage door springs on the bar to the bracket that is centered above the garage door.
Now, reinstall the removed cable drums and then slide the shaft to the bearing plate.
Follow the same steps for installing the spring on the other side of the door.
Tighten the springs at their place and tighten the loosened screws to fix the detached parts effectively.
Now, once you have re-installed the cable drums, insert cables into them one by one. Make sure that the cable are placed properly into the slots.
Last step is to wind the new springs and then removing the winding bars.
As you know replacing the garage door springs on your own is a risky task, you should keep all the possibilities in your mind. It will help you to prevent any accident. Also, it would be better if you keep someone with you to help. As holding the spring tension is a difficult task, the helper will assist you in completing it efficiently.
One thing that you need to keep in is that every manufacturer has its own instructions for the installation of springs. Make sure that you have read the instructions from the instruction manual provided by the same manufacturer from whom you have bought new springs.